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  • Mac OS X

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Versions of Citrix Receiver for Mac

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Citrix Receiver for Mac 11.7.0 21/01/13 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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Access Citrix business applications

Nick Mead

Recent changes

  • Single authentication to the Access Gateway:

  • Use of a single session for both VPN and clientless access so that a Receiver user logs on once for both types of access and consumes only one license.
  • Automatic routing of ICA traffic through the Access Gateway ICA proxy for optimal user experience.
  • Automatic start-up of a VPN tunnel when a user logs on. This feature requires that you disable the Single Sign-On with Windows setting on the Access Gateway.
  • Support for Access Gateway SmartAccess controls.

  • Improved logon and logoff operations:

  • Users are prompted to log on to Receiver only when a logon is required. Actions that require a log on include starting an app from Receiver or the Finder, using the Refresh Apps command, viewing or searching for apps, or adding an account. A user is logged on only to the account associated with the requested resource.
  • Users remain logged on until choosing to log off or exit Receiver, roam from the internal network to an external network, or delete passwords.
  • A VPN tunnel is established only if needed. Internal users are logged on to StoreFront.

  • Other Usability improvements:

  • The Request button is removed. Users can now simply click to add an app and, if a request for permission to add the app is required, a dialog box appears.
  • Error messages are clearer.
  • All Receiver User interface (UI) images are retina display compliant.

  • StorageZones

  • Receiver provides support for ShareFile StorageZones, which enable data storage close to users.
  • SHA2 Certs.
  • You can now use server certificates with a public key of 2,048-bit RSA and a SHA256 signature hash algorithm.
  • Works across platforms
  • Secure access to your corporate network
  • Lacks some features of original Citrix for Mac

"This app does NOT work, no support from Citrix"

Is crap, it doesnt work at all and theres no real support about this. The 1st 4 results on google for "Mac Citrix Receiver cannot connect" all link to pages at that dont even exist! Ask your IT dept to provide a better solution

  • Nothing, it doesnt work
  • It needs to work! The error message it provides also misleads

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26 Jun 2013
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